Headshot 2016This site concerns spirit and art.  It is true to my understanding of reality but not scientifically verifiable.  My hope is that there is something from these pages and posts that you can apply directly to your own life.

Peter Stenshoel, called “a peculiar child” by Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Brown to his mother in their first parent/teacher conference, has no doubt borne that premise by living a life given to intense sequences of differing communities, jobs, and avocations, buoyed by his long marriage to Miriam and their never ending commitment to spiritual growth and study.

From early days, he made his own comic books, wrote poetry, picked raspberries, delivered newspapers, edited a neighborhood one-sheet and later a fanzine, learned to play blues and jazz, composed tunes, operated ham radio, made animated movies with friends, and listened to as much music from around the world as he could.  In his late teens he was introduced to British Theatre, living with relatives in Oxford, where he also began playing in concerts with an improvisatory ensemble of talented musicians, touring Redding, Birmingham, and Nottingham and meeting notables Lol Coxhill and guitarist Ray Russell.

Moving back to the States for college, he played fusion, Canterbury Scene style, jazz, rock, and R&B/Blues with the highly creative Minneapolis music scene.  He worked as a sales clerk, merchandise checker, janitor, and courier.  He co-founded Post-Void Radio Theater.  The Theater caught a late night weekly time slot and The Little City in Space was born, “broadcasting from the world’s first orbiting community to Earth,” or so it was said.

After college, it was off to Japan for two years to teach English in a variety of settings and soak in the amazing world of 1980s Japanese culture.  Then it was back to Minneapolis for more radio and musical performing, culminating in playing on stage for “The Screens” with the Electric Arab Orchestra at The Guthrie.

Moving to California gave Peter the chance to learn Sound Design for Theater at UCLA, and find the large and supportive pool of lighting, set, costume, and sound designers in Los Angeles, and the world of Equity Waiver small theaters.  He co-founded The Excluded Middle magazine, and wrote sporadically for Gnosis and UFO magazines.  Through connections, he found “Marketplace,” the public radio business show with David Brancaccio.  From there to Zocalo Public Square Lectures, for whom he produced KPCC’s “Zocalo Radio,” and then work at KPCC and NPR West, where he still assists with recordings for broadcast.

In a nod to the drawing class where he and Miriam first met many years previously, he currently works as an art model for several colleges and art workshops in the Southern California area.  This is his first blog.  Welcome.