Spirits I Have Met

“You look dead.”

The location for this dream encounter is a small square wood frame church, much like the ones that are good for shapenote singing in Alabama and Georgia.  The hardwood floor is in need of sanding and re-staining.  I volunteer to do the work, but one of the church deacons tells me it would be too hard a job.  They will hire a professional.  At one point I see a woman who is not a dream figure but what I have come to discern as an Earthbound spirit.  I ask her why she hasn’t moved on, and she says, “This is my church!  Why would I ever want to go anywhere else?”  I realize that she will be fine for now.

I begin talking to dream figures again, but soon I notice a man leaning or sitting on an upright piano.  His gray hair falls over right eye, completely covering it.  His left eye is disconcertingly large and round, colored an electric blue.  He wears an old fashioned black bowler hat and a black suit and tie.  Looking straight at me with his one eye, he says, “You look dead.”  I ask him to repeat himself.  Again, he says to me, “You look dead.”  I consider it to be the rudest thing anyone has ever said to me, so I loudly proclaim to one of my dream figures, “How rude it is to say that to someone!”  With my outburst, the man in the bowler hat falls backward like a lifeless cadaver.  I wake up and consider that instead of being rude, the man was trying to establish a commonality with me.  Since I could see him, he assumed that I was a dead soul just like him.

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