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Spontaneous Poetry

  • Spontaneous Poetry

    Fence Less

    Fence less. Reign over more than is imaginable In dominion No swords drawn Nor words sworn Until your peace passes The all-will-be-well of¬†understanding…

  • Spontaneous Poetry

    What is given

    What is “given” is apparent, but never fully known. What is “a given” can seem obvious but later may fall apart. What is “forgiven” depends on the vagueries of memory. Living seems the only…

  • Spontaneous Poetry

    Beyond our fence of knowing

    Beyond our fence of knowing Fierce vibrato words are coalescing with the wind Of Solar flare. One remark too many puts us into Spell; we tumble into a tremelo’d world Until our dance seems…

  • Spontaneous Poetry

    Poetry Unchained

    An idle attitude that opens doors In solid hue Scorch of intensity Sidling long fellopian hallways Toward a remembered homecoming of unattachment.…