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Portable Lives Revolve in Tandem (alternate mix)

This piece, featured on my Things in Heaven and Earth CD, developed from a rather surreal set of verses that came to me one day.  Perhaps it was from a poem I started writing.  It is dedicated to Robert Wyatt, Elton Dean, Mike Ratledge, and Hugh Hopper, the Soft Machine band lineup who made long format songs acceptable to art rock for many of us.  The drum machine and bass is a loop from a jam with Tom and Kenny of comal.  You can hear Tom’s voice saying “microphone check” in the background.  All the other instruments: keyboards, guitar, mandolin, voice, are by me.  I printed the text below, but it is not necessary to follow along for enjoyment.  This mix is slightly longer than the one on the CD.

Inside a giant passageway we are living out our lives

Invested dreams, alluring colors, giant size.

Some of the people we encounter are the same we did before;

We simply nod at them as we pass on the road.


Looking at eyes that we encounter in the dreams we had as kids

When all the energy to scream was gone,

When we were led away from our home (our parents sleeping the next room)

The air of night became the element we breathed.


Pocketing all we can remember into thirty second psalms

Revolving doors, revolving glass, revolving tiers.

Fashioning adversary notions of a strange and holy war:

Oh, what a luxury!  To think that does some good.


Driving a car to Indiana from the Conestoga line,

We stop to eat and find a frightened soldier girl.

We break down in the twilight of the day.


Sheltering arms which can protect us

Also serve to hide the Sun

Or hide horizon lines our spirit wants to seek.


Portable lives revolve in tandem.

Absorb the stir of life!

Standing atop a mountain outcrop,

See the promise of the fertile land

Beyond the river you had planned to cross, planned to cross.

(Plan to cross.)


Every house becomes a story of its lost inhabitants.

Do you know why the Autumn light is so profound?

Father is striking up the furnace, mother finds the tablecloth,

The one we used when we were camping underground.


When you alight in Puttaparthi,

Will you kneel and kiss the ground?

Or will you take a bus

And turn your life around?


Porridge of ancient Aloyscious

Cooking in a pot all day

To sooth his pain when he comes

Hobbling back to camp.


Feeling the sunshine on your body

You are unclothed to the World

As it regards you as a

Species close to home.


Bringing in the sheaves,

We are bringing in the sheaves.

We shall rejoice as we come bringing in the sheaves .


Bringing in the sheaves,

We are bringing in the sheaves.

We shall rejoice as we come bringing in the sheaves.


Om Nama Shivaya

Om Nama Shivaya



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