Mr. Lacy, Dream World Inventor in an Edwardian Suit


Photo by Marit Greunke

My dream a few hours ago was again multifaceted and rich, with a host of characters.  A gentleman in an Edwardian suit was able to make signal processors by replicating schematic diagrams with his thought alone.  I was impressed with his abilities and inquired his name.  At first I heard “Lucy,” (Lucille Ball has haunted my dreams before), but further inquiry yielded the name, “Lacy.”  Perhaps it was Mr. Lacy who built the tiny recording device I was to use in doing some newsgathering.  I had to observe closely to find the input and the output.

Mr. Lacy is a self-described “Psychic Catholic.”  And we went to a darkish wooden-walled room filled with Psychic Catholics, only there was a man standing in the corner, a Baptist, who was holding up a large card with something on it and telling everybody in the room something about the Book of Joshua.  I remember thinking that the assembled might be bored with this, but they were friendly and tolerant of the Baptist who had somehow slipped in.  Another name I remember from the dream is “Christine Ricchi,” (not the actress Christina Ricci) and Bishop James Pike, who had a conversation with me indicating he had been in communication with me for years(!)

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