Spirits I Have Met

Garden Party of Dead Souls








While asleep, I gradually awaken to find myself out of doors in a park rich with trees.  It is night time.  As far as I can see there are men and women wearing 19th century fashions.  We are all sitting on the ground, as if at a picnic, but there is no food; there is no drink.  We are there enjoying each others’ company.  I think to myself just how fascinating everybody is.  We see stars in the sky between the over-arching tree branches.  The woman to my left looks me straight in the eye, and says, in a most gracious and friendly way, “Do you notice the breeze?  Isn’t it lovely?”  I do feel the breeze.  I think of this breeze as one of the best things a person could ever experience.

Was I in a section of Heaven?  All of these people seem to have resolved personality issues.  They were indeed old souls, and very much given to both being truly the soul they are but also harmonious with the whole.  The colors were vivid.  The memory haunts me, though the dream is now a couple weeks old.

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