A Friend Named Braunj: My Dream Circus

I almost didn’t go back to sleep after my 3 a.m. waking.  I’m glad I did.  My R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep yielded me a new dream friend, whom I hope to meet again soon.  Braunj does not identify as a man nor as a woman.  Braunj has one eye, the other covered by colorful cloth.  That eye is able to twist and turn in its socket to see quite a bit.  I noticed also that Braunj has only one breast; a woman’s breast dead center of the chest.

Braunj had made me a costume for my performance.  It consisted of felt green coverall with built-in snow boots.  My act, concocted by Braunj and his friends, who all seemed to be circus performers, was to travel high in a rollercoaster.  I’m not sure of the rest, but I completely trusted my new friends.  In fact, despite an unusual appearence, Braunj conveyed the deepest friendship to me, with a depth rarely found in dream characters.  There was a lot of other activity in this dream.  I seem to be entering whole worlds each R.E.M. period, mostly peopled with the nicest folk you’d ever care to meet.  As news from the waking world continues to disappoint, I appreciate that good news from the dreaming world is on the upswing.


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