Dream of not one, but two radio shows

It always amazes me how a dream of probably a few seconds’ duration can contain long periods.  Time seems to be not an issue.  This morning I dreamed that I was helping deejay a college radio show that lasted a couple hours.  A typical anxiety dream, I found I had not prepared properly.  My cassettes were all labelled, but when I brought up, say a tape of medeival music, I would hear talking instead of music.  Had somebody recorded over the music?  My partner was able to play things, but, time and again, mine really failed.  Anxiety dream over!

But then right away, I fell into another college radio station dream, with similar results.  Eventually I found a really good Akiko Yano tape that started out like Japanese folk music but ended up being a funky, rocking tune.

Time for me to be a deejay again?

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