Dream of Minnesota Tarot Theatre

I was leaving a venue in Min215neapolis when I saw a neighboring attraction, a re-staging of an award-winning immersive play by a Minnesota playwright.  The play was called Minnesota Tarot Theatre.  I heard my friend Adam Gorightly exclaim at a separate entrance how interested he was in this.  He entered that entrance as I and my companion entered ours.  My brother, David Stenshoel, was the composer for the play.  Apparently that is why the director knew who I was right away.  He separated me from my companion and took me to a separate room, where he said he was “going to initiate” me into The Tarot.  I saw before me a large room made of wooden walls, floors, and ceilings.  It was largely devoid of furniture, but on the floor were small flat lingam-shaped stones or pieces of plastic.  I was to lay flat on my stomach over them, presumably to absorb their powers.  After that, since the man was a theater director watching, I improvised a few wild stunts mostly to impress him, or, perhaps, because I thought it might be expected of me.  I decided maybe I had been over-the-top and I finished my activity.

Then the director said, “Here is your prize for participating.”  He handed me a large reel-to-reel tape deck.  I walked on a high beam of wood and heard a Civil War tune plaintively played on violin, and figured my brother David had arranged and played it.

When I rejoined the other theater-goers, they, too, were involved in many activities, but of a different sort.  The director rejoined me long enough to say, “Now, the next step of the game is for you to give your gift away to someone.”

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