Dream of 11-17-2017 – Band of Women and Men Working Side by Side.

The dream was stunning in its length. The arrival at a college of a touring band of musicians. Women and men were both equally represented and treated both each other and those of us who were there to meet them with wonderful respect. It was like a vision of what we could achieve one day if we can remove the boorishness and abuse of each other and work above that. I was invited to improvise with the group, and thought about retrieving my mandolin from home. I assisted with setting up amps and mics. At one point in the green room I was playing with my pet ferret (I have never had one in waking life) and somehow it was sliced in three pieces. I was shocked, for I had grown very attached to the creature. It emerged, however, somebody’s “pet badger” had really killed the ferret. In the same room, three small black dogs assembled ladders. They were good workers! Finally, I watched the musicians perform on the stage, which was in front of a grassy field. Their song went, “It’s okay to feel your happiness.” It was a really fine song. It made me so happy that I ran onto the grass, jumped in the air, getting a colorful vision of enriched happiness, and then flipped and landed on my back without injury. The audience laughed and applauded my enthusiasm good-naturedly.

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