Astral Workshop – Homeless Project

This morning I wandered into an astral workshop of people who are trying to alleviate the problems of homeless people.  There was a Roman Catholic nun, wearing a nun’s habit, and several men and women, looking very much like a gathering of 1960s good-government types.  The nun and several others sat at a table.  Others sat on couches, some were standing.  I sat on a pillow on the floor near the table and they joked how I was there to “stare them down.”  They knew I was new and they welcomed me.  One man arrived whom I recognized and he did me.  We acknowledged our surprise to see each other there.  I was suppose to pay 1 dollar to attend the event.  My wallet was full of colorful currency from around the world, but it took several attempts to find the U.S. dollar.  The talk was about feeding the homeless and logistics of delivery trucks to bring food.

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