Dream Improv Class

    I dreamed that I was staying in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for a week and visiting parts of Harvard. I attended a Theater Improv class. The four students the professor had selected sat in a kind of open cubicle, but they could only manage one or two word replies or comments. They were just not funny. The professor looked at me, and said, “Would you like to join in?” “I immediately leaped into the scene, with a fast-moving monologue that went something like this: “What are you all sitting around moping about? We’ve got work to do! You know that!” etcetera, and then I saw one woman had a cup in her hand. In my best Carol Burnett-style intake of air, I went, “Huuaaghhhh! Is that COFFEE? Where did you find it during this worldwide coffee shortage?! Can you get ME some?” And that’s all I remember.

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    A Prayer for Owen Conttlifte

    My dreamlife has brought me into the White House before, but not like this morning’s dream. I was an aide to the president. This president was sort of like the one on TV’s “The…

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    Art Modeling Gallery

    I have been modeling since 2015 at colleges, universities and workshops. I work both nude and costumed. Current work history and references on request. Email me at stonemound@gmail.com or text/call 310-591-7098.…

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    Northfield Dream

    I dreamed that I came to Northfield, Minnesota, as the new assistant pastor to a Lutheran church there. My living quarters were a very large storage area at St. Olaf College, which I soon…

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    My Near Death Experience

    Just after my wife and I got married as twenty-year-old college kids, we set up our home in a cute little upstairs at “The 26th Street House” in Minneapolis.  Her parents owned it, and…

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    A Friend Named Braunj: My Dream Circus

    I almost didn’t go back to sleep after my 3 a.m. waking.  I’m glad I did.  My R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep yielded me a new dream friend, whom I hope to meet again…